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Easy Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas


4 chicken portions. 

100g basmati rice. 

Half a can (200ml) of Amoy reduced fat coconut milk.

2 bunch spring onions , sliced.

Pinch of dried thyme.

1 garlic cloves, finely chopped or sliced.

¼  tsp ground allspice.

1 x  400g Heinz  kidney beans, drained.

A little olive oil.

Heinz Jerk BBQ sauce.

  • Serves: 4


  1. Coat the chicken portions with a tbsp of Heinz Jerk BBQ sauce and a little olive oil, allow to marinade for a couple of hours, overnight is best.
  2. Heat the Oven to 200°C and place the chicken on to a roasting tray , roast for approximately 30 minutes and baste with the pan juices (or cook as per instructions on pack), until its fully cooked.
  3. Rinse the rice , then tip it into a large saucepan with all the remaining ingredients except the Heinz kidney beans. Add 300ml cold water and set over a high heat. Once the rice begins to boil, turn it down to a medium heat, cover and cook until tender .
  4. Add the kidney beans to the rice, then cover with a lid. Remove from  the heat and leave for 5 mins until all the liquid is absorbed. 

Serve rice alongside  the chicken  with vegetables or salad of choice.