Health & Wellness

Heinz has always taken nutrition seriously. Our commitment to producing great tasting food from quality ingredients, without the use of artificial colours and flavours is part of our Company's philosophy.

We recognise the health concerns over the rise in obesity and the clear consensus of expert opinion that heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are directly linked to excess weight.

Because of this, we remain committed to making a positive contribution through a four-point plan. 

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  1. Reformulating existing Heinz varieties as well as launching new innovations that offer healthier options
  2. Providing more and clearer information about Nutrition
  3. Adopting voluntary measures on the marketing and advertising of food to children
  4. Promoting greater physical activity, sports and healthier lifestyles, especially in the workplace

Heinz and healthier choices

Heinz is committed to continuing salt reductions across standard varieties as well as offering further reduced salt options.

In addition we continue to offer many of our most popular varieties with recipes that provide further reductions in salt and sugar vs. our standard products but without the addition of artificial sweeteners or salt substitutes.

In 2010 we introduced varieties of our Classic Soup favourites including Cream of Tomato, and Cream of Chicken with 25% less salt than standard recipes, but still with the great taste consumers expect from a Heinz Classic Soup.

Heinz has long been committed to progressive salt reduction as well as being an active partner in salt awareness campaigns. Our work continues as we drive further salt reductions in line with changes in consumer taste with the aim of meeting or surpassing the 2012 salt targets by the end of 2012.

You can read more about our commitments as part of the Department of Health's Responsibility Deal here.

Providing more and clearer information about Nutrition

We are committed to providing clear labelling and we were one of the first food companies to introduce full Nutrition information more than 25 years ago.

In 2004, we added information on the salt content per serving relative to the Government guideline of 6g per day, or the relevant lower target for our kid's ranges. We also provide details of Guideline Daily Amounts as part of the Nutrition Information on-pack.

Adopting voluntary measures on the marketing and advertising of food to children

Almost 10 years ago, we established worldwide voluntary guidelines covering marketing and communications.  Measures include, products that are inappropriate for children should not be advertised or promoted to children and communications media should not be directed solely to pre-school children and more.

Promoting greater physical activity, sports and healthier lifestyles, especially in the workplace

In 2005, we teamed up with the British Heart Foundation as part of a Well@Work programme supported by Sport England and the Department of Health.

Our programme aims to highlight ways of improving diet, increasing physical activity and reducing smoking as well as increasing alcohol awareness among employees at our largest European manufacturing centre located near Wigan, Lancashire.

We have also introduced a Cycle-to-Work Scheme and held pedometer challenges across the site as part of our commitment to Health & Wellness.

Food Standards Agency

We work in partnership with the Foods Standards Agency which is an independent Government agency set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food.

You will find we produce ranges that are free from the six artificial colours of concern.

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