Economic Sustainability

We employ approximately 2,500 people and pay competitive wages and typically exceed the prevailing local minimum wage standards. In addition, almost all employees at our manufacturing facilities are drawn from the surrounding communities, thereby supporting the vitality of local economies.

We also make a positive impact by funding retirement benefit plans. Pension plans are available to many employees. And on a larger scale, our status as a major employer greatly enhances the tax revenue of the communities and even the countries where we do business.

Heinz Charitable Trust

The Heinz Charitable Trust has long been committed to providing support to promote the quality of life among the communities in which we are present. The Trust is overseen by a group of appointed Trustees, drawn from all areas of our Company.

The HCT has guidelines that charities it supports should be from one of the following areas:

Nutrition - Promoting improvements in and a better understanding of good nutrition, and contributing to the health and well-being of people and communities.

Healthy Children and Families - Improving the overall well-being of people by ensuring children and families have the resources and services necessary to help them live healthy and happy lives.

Each of our sites has a local nominated charity of their choice, based on the guidelines above.

Hayes Park: Community Albums

Kitt Green: Wigan Stars and Me2You

Westwick: Nelson's Journey

Ireland: Children's Sunshine Home/Laura Lynn House

Telford: Hope House

Worcester: Acorns

Kendal: Foundation of Sudden Infant Death

Furthermore the Trust supports employees who want to fundraise for charities that are personal to them.