Gluten Free Tomato & Oregano

Heinz Gluten Free

Heinz Deliciously Gluten Free, a range of gluten free food full of taste pleasure! Our pasta sauces are made in Spain using an authentic Spanish recipe. We gently cook fresh onion and garlic in a little oil, then we blend this infused oil with our tomatoes while they cook. They are the perfect partner for our gluten free pastas.

Heinz Gluten Free Tomato & Oregano Pasta sauce

As versatile as our Gluten Free Tomato Frito but with a sprinkle of oregano to add taste and flavour to your favourite meals.

Size available: 210g

Heinz policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label. You are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status, ingredients and nutrition of our products.