Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise versus Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise Test

Primary consumer research was conducted by an independent Market Research agency, MMR Research Worldwide Ltd. (www.mmr-research.com), across three regions in Ireland (Cork, Dublin & Galway), with fieldwork taking place between 4th and 20th February 2019.

A total of n=300 participants (~n=100 per region), all of whom regularly buy the standard variant of mayonnaise for their own consumption, were recruited face-to-face via an interviewer-administered 5-minute pen and paper questionnaire to attend a central location test, where they were asked to assess both Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise and Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.

The weighted sample composition was 40% male & 60% female, 60% aged 18-44 & 40% aged 45-64, 55% ABC1 & 45% C2DE, with 60% most often buyers of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, 15% most often buyers of Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise, and 25% most often buyers of other brands.

Participants were served both mayonnaise products with oven chips and asked to try both products in a rotated order of trial in a self-completion survey on a computer screen. The survey results are based on participants' answers to the question, "Of the two mayonnaise products that you have tried, which one was the creamiest?". They were not told which mayonnaise brand they were trying.

In response to the question “Of the two mayonnaise products that you have tried, which one was the creamiest?”, 49% selected the product code for Heinz, 47% selected the product code for Hellmann’s, and 4% selected ‘no difference’. Statistical analysis of these results was carried out to a confidence level of 95% (which is in line with best practice for making statistically significant claims) and substantiates the claim that Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise is as creamy as Hellmann's.